Professional Snake Breeder Reveals Tried And Tested Techniques To Ensure Your Pet Snake Thrives In Captivity

Dear Snake Lover,

If you're currently considering buying your first snake - or you're looking for information on common pet snakes - then you'll kick yourself if you don't take just three minutes to read the rest of this letter...

You see snakes are unlike any other pet – even other reptiles like lizards or turtles. No matter what other species of animal you've kept in the past and how much animal care experience you may have, snakes basically throw the rulebook out of the window. No longer can you make assumptions and predictions. Guess work can lead to a sick snake at best, death at worst.

I'm sure you're as keen as I am to avoid that.

As a professional snake breeder I have kept more than my fair share of serpents over the years and what you realize when you're part of this amazing hobby is just how much there is to learn...

Caging requirements, heating equipment, humidity, how to locate the housing, how often to feed your snake, what to feed it and so on. Get any one of these or a hundred other things wrong and you could land yourself in some considerable trouble.

There's Also A Big Secret I'd Like To Tell You...

Here's something rather beautiful I have learned during my time in the hobby - there is a set of “golden rules” that apply to virtually any pet snake species going. By learning that standard set of rules you can successfully care for pretty much any snake – and ensure it has a long and healthy life with you.

Even better, these rules only take a short time to learn. There is actually no need to go reading a 200 page “encyclopedia” of reptile care to learn how to look after snakes. You can learn everything you need to know in a few pleasant hours. Trust me I know – I used to teach this stuff to animal inspectors for a job.

Here's Your Shortcut To Snake Keeping Success...

If you really want your pet snake to have the very best life possible then you need to hear about my brand new guide entitled simply “Keeping Snakes”. It is a total “brain dump” of all the techniques and shortcuts that I have learned over the years and use everyday that have allowed me to keep dozens of different snakes in the peak of health.

Because after all, sick snakes don't breed. And when you're a professional snake breeder, that can be a bit bad for business...

Totaling 10,297 words this is a complete but enjoyable read that will kick-start your snake keeping career by providing you with the most complete and accurate information on the topic available. I'm also quite proud of the way that I and my team have put so much effort into the layout and the language of the guide to make it as easy as possible to understand. You can be certain there will be no jargon or complicated language – everything is so simple that a 10 year old could understand it.

Here is just a tiny slither of the information you're going to discover inside:

  • 2 warnings you must know about before you get your first snake (otherwise the results could prove disastrous)

  • The good (and the bad) side of keeping snakes – an honest overview

  • Why snakes don't make perfect pets for some people (and how to know if they're right for you)

  • The 3 best places to buy a snake

  • The 6 perfect snakes for beginners – there may well be a few surprises here!

  • What do LTC and WC mean when applied to snakes (and why it's vital that you know the difference)

  • How to health check your snake so you can be certain he is in the best of health at all times (which helps you avoid painful veterinarian bills)

  • The 4 ways to heat your snake cage and how to install them – getting this wrong can literally lead to the death of a snake

  • The 3 main types of snake food – and how often you should be feeding your snake

  • How to know without a shadow of a doubt what size of food your snake should be fed (this technique takes less than 30 seconds)

  • How to deal with common health problems like a snake that can't change it's skin properly – without using any expensive equipment or medication

In fact, if I'm totally honest I had real trouble picking out these points because there are just so many in the report it is hard to know where to start. Here's a rundown of the basic contents so you can be sure that it covers all the bases:

  • What Is It Like To Have A Pet Snake?
  • Where To Buy Snakes
  • What To Look For In A Snake
  • Snake Housing
  • Feeding Snakes
  • Handling Snakes
  • Common Snake Problems

Please note also that these are just the major chapters and each one consists of numerous sub chapters covering everything you need to know to care for snakes in captivity.

Don't Hesitate Another Moment

The report is available now in a downloadable format for just £7.99 which is a drop in the ocean when you consider it has taken me the best part of 15 years of experimentation to gather it all into one place and boil it all down into an easy-to-digest format. It's surely a small price to pay for the health of your pet snake.

However before you make a decision either way I want to reassure you that I take great pride in satisfied customers and I stand behind my guide 100%. What this means is that if you're not totally satisfied with your purchase for any reason – then email me anything within 60 days of your order and I will refund your order in full. You won't have lost a penny.

So feel secure. I really value your business and because of that I have assigned Clickbank to sell the product. They are a trusted online retailer specializing in digitally delivered products and so you can feel completely safe when ordering.

You can access the report no matter what time of night or day it is right now and no matter whether you are using a PC or a Mac. As soon as your order is complete you will be taken straight to the download page where you can access your copy of the guide.

At that point it can be printed out to enjoy later or read directly on your computer screen if you want to save paper.

Don't delay. I know how excited you must be right now to be considering a pet snake. I could barely sleep before I got my first one – so have some fun and order my guide today. It will take you that one step closer to your own pet snake.

Alex Smith